Speech-language therapy at your home in Colorado Springs and Monument CO

Speech therapists help learners understand their world and communicate better

At BlueSky Speech Therapy, we are offer individual, speech-language therapy and learning support for students preschool through high school. We are a positive, optimistic and friendly team committed to each person’s fullest development. We tailor our service to meet your child's unique needs in articulation, language and learning. We gently invite each child to grow using evidence-based practices in stimulating and interesting lessons all while providing a high degree of success and encouragement along the way. We are pleased to meet your child in your home and value your input along the way! We encourage you to observe sessions with your child.

We want all children who experience speech, language or learning challenges to become confident, effective communicators and successful learners who thrive in their daily interactions.

kids running across grass
children running across grass

With our speech/articulation services, your child will:

-be able to say his name more clearly and tell how old he is when asked.
-learn to communicate more like other children her age.
-no longer get teased by others as those once cute sounding speech errors mature into age-appropriate articulation.
-feel empowered because he can speak and be understood without relying on others to interpret for him.

Language and learning services will help your child:

-learn letter sounds and beginning reading skills.
-gain skills in self-expression.
-listen to a story and talk about it accurately.
-understand what she just read and be able to answer questions about it.
-tell a complete story, including all the parts.
-write a complete sentence and eventually a paragraph.
-develop and understand vocabulary important for school success, even in math class!
-will be able to confidently explain what he knows instead of “I know I know it…I just can’t explain it”.
-grow in targeted academic and literacy skill

Executive Function Support

We can help develop systems and skills to improve organization, work habits, attention, task completion, planning ahead and follow-through. End the battles over homework, lost assignments, getting chores done and more!

Social Communication Learning

Let us support your child in learning positive ways to navigate the social world! Learning the “unwritten curriculum” of social interactions, greetings, joining a conversation, taking turns, playing games, being a gracious winner/loser, etc. is important for all ages!

These are just some of the many benefits BlueSky Speech Therapy

offers for communicators and learners of all ages!

What our clients are saying...

Thank you for your faithful work with J. again this year.  You are a gifted educator!  We are grateful for the warmth and enthusiasm with which you do your job.  Thank you for the many ways you extend grace to J. by accepting his unique ways yet helping him grow and change.  We value your influence.  -LB & JB

Just wanted to send a note to say thank you so much for everything you have done for L.  L. has really made progress over the last couple of years and I know you have really worked hard.  I am so grateful that he had this opportunity to work with you.  This will have such a positive effect on his future.  Thank you again so much.  -DF

Ms. B has done a phenomenal job helping D. improve her language and communication skills.  Speaking intelligibly will help others to understand her better as well as improve her confidence and academic performance.  Wow, she has matured and grown a lot in the last year!  -RF

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