How do I know if my child needs help?


  • Does your child struggle to say his name or age correctly so that strangers can understand?
  • Do grandparents and family members struggle to understand what your child says?
  • Does your child seem reluctant to talk to strangers but chatters away at home?


  • Is your child having difficulty learning the alphabet and letter sounds?
  • Does your child struggle with recognizing words that rhyme?
  • Is your child struggling with following directions?
  • Does your child have trouble retelling an event or story?
  • Does your child use limited words?


  • Do you need to document your homeschooling in a legally responsible manner?
  • Is your child struggling with Reading - Understanding what was just read? Sounding out unfamiliar words? Learning sounds that go with letters? Learning sight words?
  • Is your child struggling with Math - Counting on from a given number? Adding or subtracting small or large numbers? Learning multiplication facts? Remembering steps for long division? Solving word problems?
  • Is your child struggling with Writing - Avoids writing? Writing a complete sentence? Using capitals & punctuation? Spelling words correctly? Making writing interesting?

Other areas of concern:

  • Do you just feel like something is "off" or "not quite right" with how your child is developing?
  • Can your child pay attention to things like video games and tv shows, but not finish picking up a few toys?
  • Does your child have difficulty with organization, remembering details or acting impulsively?
  • Does your child get overwhelmed or upset if routines are not followed or schedules change unexpectedly?
  • Are social interactions difficult for your child?

Does your student have an IEP?

Many children receive wonderful speech and special education services at school. There are many fantastic SLP's and special education professionals working in local districts! There are, however, reasons that you may desire more support for your child. We are here for just those situations. We can augment your child's IEP programming to improve his or her progress! We are happy to implement services that support and extend IEP goals.