We support homeschooling and believe it is an excellent choice for some families and learners! We are able to partner with you on your homeschooling journey by providing 1-1 evaluations for your child. We offer achievement testing that meets current state requirements and documents your child's progress in a legally responsible manner. Included in the testing package is a parent conference at which we share results, discuss observations about learning style and give you a chance to ask any questions. A final written report is also provided.

girl being home schooledWe use a nationally normed and standardized achievement test accepted by the state of Colorado. If your child does not do well with timed tests, no worries! We can tailor the testing experience to suit your student and still provide valid results. Usually homeschooled students find testing to be an enjoyable experience once their initial nerves have calmed. We specialize in testing students who find academics challenging or who have never before taken a formal test
Our goal with testing for homeschoolers is to make the entire experience positive and rewarding! We will give you a strong picture of your child's academic accomplishment thus far, provide insight into your child as a learner and offer suggestion about any challenging areas.

Testing usually takes 1.5-2.0 hours, depending on the child. We can do the test in two sessions if needed.

Homeschool Testing $165 per child.

What Our Homeschooling Clients Say:

"Our daughter graduated from Metro State University and is planning to teach middle and high school!  We will never be able to thank you for being there for all of our children over the years of homeschooling.  We want you to know what a blessing you have been to our family.  You really inspired our kids to use all their gifts, and now they are.  We are so grateful."  

-SJ & RJ 

"I never would have put "required testing/evaluation" together with "delightful experience" until now!  Thank you for making T's testing a delightful experience.  He feels empowered and not overpowered by your methods.   -JW 

"Thanks so much for all of your help with J.  You are delightful to be around and J. felt so comfortable. "  - DW